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About LaunchPad Nutraceuticals

Hello!  We’re the founders of LaunchPad Nutraceuticals. Individually, we’ve helped introduce and commercialize billion-dollar brands and ingredients in health, fitness and beauty. So we decided to unite — fusing creative energy, scientific brilliance, and sales expertise into one powerful commercializing force.

You can see our work in international products and ingredients such as: Muscle Milk™, Collagen Peptides, Creatine, Whey Protein, Resveratrol, NMN, Ergothioneine, Retinol, and GNC’s #1 product of all time: NO2™, the Nitric Oxide Generator. We’re convinced that we can help grow your business by many orders of magnitude, too.


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Sarah Derby

Sarah Derby, MPH
Chief Operating Officer

Collagen, Retinol, NMN, Whey, Resveratrol

Jeffrey Kob

Jeffrey Kob
Chief Marketing Officer

CMO, Muscle Milk, NO2, BioSil

Joseph Evans

Joseph L. Evans, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Former Principal Investigator Novartis Pharmaceuticals