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A-Z Commercialization

Scientific Discovery
Clinical Trials
Ex-vivo Studies

Launch Your Nutraceuticals & Cosmeceuticals into the U.S. and International Markets

In 2022, the ingredients and products our three founders helped launch reached $14.56 Billion in sales. Let us give you an evaluation of your ingredient, finished product, or even concept. We’ll walk you through sales potentials, proven strategies, and successful tactics to place you way ahead of your competition.


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A-Z, Concept-to-Market Commercialization Services

Unlike consultants, we do the actual work. We can take your ingredient, product, or concept through scientific discovery, clinical trials/studies, claims creation, branding, positioning, marketing and advertising, sales, legal and customer support. You can use one, some, or all of our services.

We Are More than Consultants.
We Are the Doers. Thinkers. Planners.
Tacticians. Great Partners.

Use One, Some, or All of Our Services

Scientific Discovery & Studies

Scientific Discovery & Studies

Branding & Positioning

Brand Building

Marketing & Advertising


Sales Team & Distribution

Sales Team



Warehousing & Logistics


Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance

Legal & Accounting

corporate services

Design & Packaging

Packaging design
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A History of Successful Ingredient and Product Launches

Our founders have helped introduce and commercialize billion dollar brands and ingredients in health, fitness and beauty. You can see the successes in products and ingredients such as: Muscle Milk™, Collagen Peptides, Creatine, Whey Protein, Resveratrol, NMN, Ergothioneine, Retinol, and GNC’s #1 product of all time: NO2™, the Nitric Oxide Generator.

Commodities Can Make Millions.
New Categories Make Billions.
We Turn Commodities into New Categories.

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